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Pup Paw Washer!

Pup Paw Washer!

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Name: Pet Electric Foot Washer
Product size: 115mmx155mmx200mm
Product net weight: 725g
Rated voltage: DC 3.7V
Power: 4W
Current: 500MA
Advantages: super long battery life, soft silicone, one button to open
One-hand operation –
One-touch design makes it easy to operate with one hand.
Easy to remove and clean - Detachable pet paw cleaner, take out the silicone brush pad and clean with water.
Removable Soft Silicone Brush – Dog Paw Cleaning Cup is made of a dense soft silicone brush made of food-grade material, which provides gentle care for your puppy's fat paws without injury and helps relax the paw muscles.

Methods of use and storage
1. Pour an appropriate amount of water into the foot washer (the amount of water should be sufficient to prevent the water from overflowing after the pet's feet are turned on and turned on. Adding a small amount of foot bath solution will have a better effect)
2. Put your pet's feet into the foot washer, press the power button, and the foot washer will clean and massage your pet's feet at a speed of 200rpm. It can take 1-2 minutes to clean one foot, then take it out and dry it with a towel.
3. After cleaning, pour out the sewage and take out the silicone brush for rinsing. (The entire machine is strictly prohibited from being placed in water!)
4. After use, safely place the foot wash in a place that is not easily accessible to pets or children


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