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Dog Training Clicker

Dog Training Clicker

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Product Description:

Small enough to be in your palm.

Raised button design to activate the click.

Develop your relationship with your pets through teaching and training them.

Ergonomic design, comfortable to hold.

Good training aid tool for your pets.

Bracelets are elastic. It can be easily extended.

High quality, nice feeling, each piece with connection rope can carry around, press the middle button, will send "click" sound, click sound as connection behavior and reward bridge, mark dog behavior, gradually causes natural reflex response!

Name: Pet Dog Clicker

Material: Plastic

Size: Approx. 60 x 40 mm

Color: White\\black\\blue\\light orange\\sky blue\\red\\purple\\pink\\green\\lemon yellow\\light blue\\military green\\emerald green\\dark orange

Suitable for: Dog、cat etc.

Function: Training Dog

Package Included:

1 Pc x Pet Dog Clicker




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