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Hooded Jumpsuit

Hooded Jumpsuit

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How to measure the dog size?

Chest: measure the thickest part of the chest, add 1~2CM will be better. (Usually behind the two legs)

Length: Make sure your dog stands properly, not sitting or lying. Measure along the dog's backbone from the base of the neck to 5CM front the base of the tail.

Neck: the girth of the neck, add 2~3CM will be better.

Note: If your dog is a large chest, long hair, or at the high end of the size, you may order the next larger size to ensure a comfortable fit.

Size Details:

Size XS for body 19cm(7.48inch),Chest 30cm(11.8inch),Neck 20cm(7.87inch);

Size S for body 21cm(8.26inch) ,Chest 34cm(13.3inch),Neck 22cm(8.66inch);

Size M for body 25cm(9.84inch) ,Chest 40cm(15.74inch),Neck 26cm(10.24inch);

Size L for body 29cm(11.42inch) ,Chest 46cm(18.11inch),Neck 30cm(11.81inch);

Size XL for body 33cm(12.99inch) ,Chest 51cm(20.08inch),Neck 34cm(13.39inch);

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