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Pet Ear Drops

Pet Ear Drops

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 Pet Ear Canal Cleaner

Dog Ear Cleaner Solution

 Removes Ear Mites

 Dog Ear Clean Powder

 Cats Ear Infection Treatment

 Relieve Itchy Ear

 Dog Ear Cleaning Drops






●Condition:100% brand new and high quality
●Item Type:Pet Ear Drops
●NET WT:20ml
●Shelf life:3 Years
●Function:Improves Hearing / Anti Fungal / Softens Ear Canal / Relieve Ear Discomforts / Anti Ticks Pet Cleaning Supplies / Portable Insect Control / Long Term Protection / Reduce Redness / Inhibit Bacteria / Prevention Of Ear Diseases / Reduce Ear Inflammation

1. 【Daily Ear Cleaning】The Pet Ear Cleaner can be used for daily cleaning and care of the ear canal of dogs, cats, and other pets. The Dog Ear Washer also dries out your pet's ear canal and improves hearing.

2. 【Easy To Carry】The net content of a Pet Ear Cleaner is about 20ml, and its volume is also compact and easy to carry. The dog-ear washes liquid is lightweight and portable, takes up very little space, and is easy to store.

3.【Removing Dirts】Dog Ear Cleaners helps remove wax, dirt, and other buildups to clean and soothe your dog's ears. Using a Pet Ear Washer can have a very good effect on dogs and cats.

4.【Itching Relief】Effectively kill bacterial infections and insects and mites in the ear, reduce inflammation and itching.

How to use:
1. Gently fix the pets head, open the ears to expose the external auditory canal.
2. Take 2-3 drops of the solution on the pet's external ear canal and gently massage the area.
3. Wipe off excess liquid with a cotton swab.

Storage method:
1. Please store in a cool place to avoid high temperature and direct sunlight.
2. Please keep this product out of the reach of children.

1* 20ml Pet Ear Drops

Our Pet Ear Cleaner relieves discomfort in your pet's ear canal and promotes healthy ear hygiene.

Our Pet Ear Cleaner can effectively remove dirt and secretions from the ear canal, keeping it clean and dry.

Pet Ear Cleaner effectively cleans the ear canal and prevents harms, ensuring your furry friend's total comfort.

The Dog Ear Cleaner Solution is scientifically formulated to help relieve ear itching and remove earwax accumulation for your pets.  

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#Dog Ear Powder



#Dog Ear Drops



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#Puppy Ear Detergent

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